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Urbanisation and the speed that it is moving at will bring major challenges for cities. As a result cities are already expanding globally. We build on floodplains to make it possible to accommodate growth without thinking what the risks and consequences are when we build on these areas that are prone to flooding.

Floodplain Urbanism raises the question of how we can expand living areas as well as deal with the increasing risk of flooding. The project speculates about subtle ways of urbanising an area prone to flooding and embraces the water as a natural force whilst identifying a critical mass of new activities and programs.

The project proposes an incremental master plan existing of a low-dense, mixed-used development accommodating a wetland park, public programs and housing. A system of boardwalks, which stretches to various parts of the landscape, gives safeguarded access to the site during periods of floods. A new bridge connects the site with the nature park on the other side of the highway creating a continuity in landscape. All structures and buildings are designed on stilts allowing the floodwater to move freely in times of high discharge and introduces new ways of living in close contact with the water.

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